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sleep in heavenly peace by [ profile] fleshflutter [Gen, Sam/Dean overtones with implied Castiel/Dean; pg]
Six days after the Apocalypse begins, Sam finds the Impala. It's pulled up on the side of the road. The door is unlocked and there's nobody in sight.

Your Skull Inside A Hole by [ profile] sirryluv [Sam/Dean; r]
Here in this hole that we fixed, we get further and further and further for what we must do.

stand up tall and hold the world at bay by [ profile] oxoniensis [Sam/Dean; pg-13]
He folds himself in, head under Dean's chin like he's smaller than Dean again.

What An Amazing Future There Will Be by [ profile] chash [Sam/Dean; pg-13]
Ordinarily, when something really epically bad happens, they hug.

All of this inspired by episode 4.21 When the Levee Breaks and I'm not able to talk about this episode without break into tears. Yes, it was that traumatic but also SO GOOD. And I can't really talk about these fics without spoil them for you. Just go and read them because they're incredibly well written and painfully gorgeous.