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good omens and supernatural/good omens

Well, I wanted to start with something easy :P

- Just Save the First Edition for Me by [personal profile] such_heights [Aziraphale/Crowley; pg]
In which Aziraphale accidentally sells a book, and finds himself dangerously near to parting with another.
This is adorable, you know, with the whole book obsession and how Crowley fix it for Aziraphale.

- A Backdoor to Hell by [personal profile] oxoniensis [Gen, SPN/Good Omens, pg-13]
The doorbell chimes angrily. Aziraphale lifts up his head warily, and is a little taken aback to see his new customer.
Spoilers for SPN Season 3. In which Sam goes to Aziraphale looking for help. The solution is quite awesome and it has perfect characterizations.

- 39 flavors by [ profile] henchgirl [Gen, SPN/Good Omens, pg-13]
"You're doing it wrong."
In which Sam and Adam meet and talk about being the Antichrist. So far, my favorite SPN/Good Omens crossover, I highly recommend this.

Now people, start posting your own recommendations!

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