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First season fics. For those of us mourning the early days when things were so much less complicated. Somehow.

In Reverse by [ profile] sodakey [gen; pg-13]
Besides, neither of them were big campers, and if it weren't for Sam's overly-compensating and newly discovered fussing, Dean never even would have suggested it.
Multichapter, long. In the author's own words: "After Faith, a job has the boys looking for missing hikers in Wyoming. While Sam worries it’s connected to what happened to Dean ten years ago, Dean wonders if Sam would be better off back in the world of normal." Stunning work. The characterisation is dead on, the plot intriguing, and the supporting cast of OCs believable and interesting without detracting from the Winchesters. Most importantly, the brotherly bond is played out wonderfully. Sam's frets after coming so close to losing Dean is paired against Dean's insecurities and self-sacrificing wish for Sam to be happy to create a beautiful atmosphere that is right on par with the one in the show. Lengthy, but so worth it.

Receding by [ profile] minkmix [gen; pg-13]
They'd lost their minds some said. Left whole and sound in body only to shed blood without explanation back in the lives they knew. A curse.
What seems to be a bust job turns into something much more serious when Dean's memories start to fade. Suddenly Sam is racing to work out exactly what is happening before there's nothing left of his brother to save. Tense and edgy.

Traveling by K. Hanna Korossy [gen; g]
“It’s got no tape deck,” Dean said with the kind of outrage Sam usually reserved for natural disasters and creatures that wanted to eat them. “What kind of a car doesn’t have a tape deck?”
Classic Dean and Sam banter after Phantom Traveler. In order to retrieve the Impala, a highly disgruntled Dean is required to drive a Saturn - well, that or fly again.

But For the Grace by [ profile] kroki_refur [gen; pg-13]
Sam’s number rang through to voice-mail, and Dean drew in a deep breath, ready to give the goddamn voice-mail hell. 'Hi, you’ve reached Sam Winchester. I’m probably in class or in the library. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.'
Dean wakes up and Sam's gone. And so's the car. And all their stuff. And that's not even the worst bit. Narrated from Dean's perspective, and Refur captures his voice perfectly.