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I want to recommend one of my favorite series these days: [ profile] gekizetsu's 90 proof in which Sam and Dean hang out with Castiel and basically corrupt him with Cheetos, alcohol and more recently, bowling. I know it seems like it's pure hilarity (and actually, it is!) but it's also adorable and I really like how it's written because I can believe in the idea of the three of them just hanging out and being friends and really, I just love that feeling so much.

Anyway, there are three parts so far and they're all amazing.

o1. eternally needing proof [Gen; pg-13]
Dear God: take your damn angel back. I’ve had it with his bullshit. Amen.
The first one in which I fell in love with the three of them, the characterizations are spot on (well, for this context at least).

o2. smite your bitch up [Gen; pg-13]
“I wish I thought this was funny, Dean,” Sam said, shoving Castiel in front of them and toward the most secluded table he could find.
“Our little angel is growing up, Sam,” Dean said.

Oh God! The hilarity has no limits.

o3. air strike [Gen; pg-13]
“There are some things that are uniquely human experiences,” Dean said with a smirk.
This is adorable and it has an AMAAAAZING exchange of quotes.

So, go and read them :)